Lamborgini Reventon Vs Tornado Jet Fighter


Lamborgini Reventon

Lamborgini Reventon


~ by arjunpandalam on December 12, 2008.

20 Responses to “Lamborgini Reventon Vs Tornado Jet Fighter”

  1. Limited Edition Model of Lamborgini,,,,,

  2. wow that’s impressive! A car that can go faster than a jet!

  3. vvvveeerryyyyyyy hhhhhoooooootttttt

  4. lamborghini is a top company that’s just invinsible nothing is better than a lamborghini

  5. Nice! I’ll take them both.

  6. I would concur with all of you. It is just such a unique looking car! I wrote all about it on my new site Check it out!

  7. nice:X:X:X

  8. Is amazing

  9. Honda > Lamborghini

  10. the reventon is the most aggressive looking car ever created ….its the best

  11. The Reventon was actually modeled after the F22:
    “Based on the Murcielago sports car, the Reventon is said to be inspired by the F-22 Raptor fighter jet…”

  12. Wich ones cheeper?

  13. actually yeah a bugatti veyron is faster than that try 240 instead of 220 as a top speed!!!

  14. that car is weak my bugatti would blow it away

  15. its awesome, it really is. go lamborghini. i love the car. but, bugatti is what i own and drive. i do own a murciealago, and a gallardo to but i have to agree with dan my bugatti is better

  16. thats funny luke

  17. last thing how much are these ive got money to blow i could use another car especially one like this

  18. I don’t really like the look of the bugatti though. They just seem… not as sleek. But I LOVE a nice lamborghini! Mmmm! So hot… and fast!!!

  19. Lamborghini sucks! Ferrari rocks!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Lamborghini sucks! Ferrari is better!!!!

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